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24th August 2016 h. 03.32

Dear friends and followers,
In these days we are receiving many emails and messages from you after the earthquake that hit some areas of Central Italy during the night of the 24th August. We have already replied to all of you who were so nice to contact us on the social media and by email.
We are so moved, thank you!

This is just to inform you all that we are fine and safe.
Our town Todi is more than 100Km from the area of the quake. We felt the strokes and we woke up. In Todi, we remained in our homes during all that night as it was not necessary to stay outside the buildings. As we said, we were very far from the epicenter that was west-northwest of Accumoli in the province of Rieti in the region of Lazio.Our thoughts go to those poor people who have lost their lives, especially in Amatrice, region of Lazio, that is almost completely devasted.

Unfortunately many media are spreading wrong information on the affected areas.
On the other end, many blogs and other independent media, both local and international -  that  really know  the geography of Italy- are informing travellers in a very reliable and professional way in order not to panic, something that professional journalists should do, but don't! Because today is important to "shout" the news, right of wrong, it seems that it doesn't matter...

Among the several independent media, we suggest you to follow the news in English by Dream of Italy TV Show + Travel Newsletter in the link below.

For those who want to donate there are also useful information on Red Cross and other associations who are organizing fund raising campaigns.

LINK: updates-824-italy-earthquake 

Another very informative post has been just put together by our dear friends at Browsing Italy showing a series of very accurate maps to point out the areas seriously hit on the night of the 24th August.

LINK: Italy-earthquake-areas-affected-not-affected

Thanks a lot!

Alessandra and Leonardo
The Discovering Umbria Team

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